Nicki Minaj

You are about to watch the best ever make up tutorial showing how you can make yourself look exactly like Nicki Minaj, now the most famous female rapper in the world. Nicki has been doing her thing in them music industry for many years but it wasn’t until her recent signing with Young Money Music Group that really made her take off! Nicki Minaj can be heard on Radio stations everyday either as a feature on someone else’s music or on her own tracks. Millions of females for years did not have a female rapper to look up to, but now that has all changed! Because of this young girls all over the world want to look like her, but creating the Nicki look isn’t that easy. Here our make-up artist shows you step by step how to create Nicki minaj’s look and style, with really easy step by step advice via this video. We have also written out each step for you below the video.

Video Tutorial For Nicki Minaj – Transform Yourself!

Transcript of This Nicki Minaj Make-Up Tutorial

This tutorial is about how to transform yourself into Nicki Minaj, this is the best tutorial ever on the internet showing you how to create a Nicki Minaj look. The make up artist has already done her foundation, contoured her nose and cheeks to make her features start looking more like Nicki’s. She begins the tutorial by applying a base coat to her eyelids to make the eye shadow stay on longer, then she used a shimmering white eye shadow for her brow bone taking it up to the edge of her eyebrow line.

Creating Nicki’s Famous Eye Make-up

She then used two different shades of bright pink and mixed them together and applied over the eye lids, took it up a little higher to the creases and blended it into the white. Then using an ash brown eye shadow she applied it to the edge of the pink dragging the brush down to the corner of the pink in to the lashes and into a kind of V sharp.  Then using a light pink eye shadow she applied it to the inner corner of her eye blending it in with the other pink eye shadow. Now she used a really black eye liner on her water line using a black liquid liner for the upper lids starting from the inner eye making the line thicker as she got to the end. She then made a sharp point to make the cat eye which Nicki is so popular for by using some fake eye lashes.  The lashes were about half an inch shorter than normal ones and applied them to the edge of her eye so she still had the cat eye look. She then applied mascara to the top lashes, used a light pink blusher and applied it to the bit they call the apple. Then using a darker pink blusher she applied it to the cheek bones sweeping upwards.

Creating Nicki Minaj’s Lips

For her lips she used a hot pink lip liner and used it all around the lip line taking it just a little over the line on the top. She then filled in all of her lips with the liner, once this was done she put a Barbie pink lipstick on. Nicki Minaj is famed for her Barbie looks so even if this is not the right Nicki look you are trying to go for the foundations are there to get the base work done first, then you can apply different bits of makeup to different areas of your face to create the Nicki Minaj look YOU are particularly looking for!

Summary of the Nicki Minaj Make-Up Tutorial

That is the end of the make-up tutorial, to finish it off she put on a blonde wig making her really look like Nicki Minaj, I love this tutorial! If you are interesting in making yourself look like Nicki Minaj then this is by far the best video showing how to transform yourself into Nicki Minaj by using everyday makeup products. There are many people out there wanting to find out information on how to look like Nicki Minaj and with so many video tutorials available with women trying their best to create the Nicki Minaj look it really is difficult to find the best Nicki Minaj make-up tutorial! We literally had to look through 100’s of peoples Nicki Minaj make-up tutorials until we were sure we had found the best one showing how to look like Nicki Minaj. Looking like Nicki Minaj can be done by anyone! The make-up artist in this video is of Asian origin making it harder for her than most to create the look. Using certain types of makeup she creates a skin tone to match Nicki’s thus proving that anyone of any origin can, with the right foundation create the right complexion! If you wish to look like Nicki Minaj for a fancy dress party, or for an everyday look then this is the video tutorial to view!