Inhibitif reviews from ordinary users are the only way answer the big question, ‘Does it work?’

As we all know, removing hair from our legs, underarms and the body in general is one of the most boring and time-consuming beauty necessities ever invented!

Not to mention the cost!

And if you’re more hairy than average, it can dominate your life during the summer.

So get ready to read what actual users are saying in their Inhibitif reviews posted on the internet!

What is Inhibitif?

Boots launched Inhibitif Advanced Hair Free Serum in April and this article is a round-up of the many reviews already posted.



Here’s what Inhibitif says:-

Inhibitif is a breakthrough product hair inhibitor for women and men that minimises the need for shaving, waxing and other forms of hair removal, in under 8 weeks – reducing the look of unwanted hair, unsightly stubble and ingrown hair.

Inhibitif reviews posted by users

I’ve had a good root around the Internet, looking at different reviews including those on YouTube, to see what the overall opinion is from a variety of different sources.

Most of the review videos I watched just used Inhibitif on one leg, to get a clear unbiased comparison with the hair growth on the untreated leg.

And they all said that it worked really well for them!

Negative Comments

I’ve really tried to find any negative Inhibitif reviews, but I couldn’t!

Oh, apparently it doesn’t smell very nice to some users, but the scent disappears in a couple of minutes.

So from my research reading and watching about 35 Inhibitif reviews all from different independent places, the answer is:

It works really well on all of the women who’ve used it and posted their opinion on the web!

A lot of reviewers said it was far better than anything they’d tried before.

And for £29.99 per 240 ml. bottle, which everyone says lasts at least 2 months, it could save us all a fortune on depilatory products!

Don’t like hairy men?

Smooth Men

Women seem to like smooth skin on men.

It works for men, too,  so if you don’t like the hair on your other half’s back, just give him wax treatment and then spray him twice a day to reduce hair re-growth to snail’s pace!

Just tell him it’s a new, mint-scented skin moisturiser – he’ll never know!

Inhibitif Advanced Hair-Free Serum£29.99 is available exclusively from Boots shops and

Here’s just one of the many Week 4 Inhibitif Reviews:

Here’s what she says in Week 7:

(For full details about this new outstanding new product, read my Inhibitif Q & A!)